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What is a Nootropic Stack and How Can it Boost Your Brain?

What is a nootropic stack? Nootropic pills on a laptop to increase work performance concept

In today's busy world, you always want to be on top of your game, not just physically, but mentally as well. People are always looking for ways to "hack" their brains - improve their performance, work smarter, feel better and get more done. While it may seem too good to be true, there are ways to hack your brain by adding supplements to your daily routine. These substances are known as nootropics. More than one is known as a  nootropic stack. But what exactly is a nootropic stack? Nootropics have been making a splash in the past few years as people strive to be more productive at work and in their personal lives. 

So what is a nootropic stack and how does it work? Are they actually safe to use? Read on to learn more about these supplements and how they can help you achieve your goals. 

What Is A Nootropic Stack?

In order to answer the question, “What is a nootropic stack?”, let's start by talking about how nootropics in general work with your body. At its core, a nootropic is a substance that supports your brain's natural functions. Nootropics can be used to improve mood, memory, concentration, focus, and learning ability. You may have heard them referred to as "smart drugs." Though a lot of nootropics can be classified as drugs, they won't get you high, and that isn't the reason why people take them. The six features of nootropic drugs are:

  1. The enhancement of learning acquisition, which means they improve your capacity to learn and remember new material.
  2. Resistance to impairing agents, which means they support the health of your brain.
  3. Facilitation of interhemispheric transfer of information, which means they improve how our brains process material.
  4. Enhanced resistance to brain "aggressions,"  which means they protect the brain from disease.
  5. Increased tonic, cortico-subcortical "control," which means they help to improve your focus and attention level 
  6. Absence of usual pharmacological effects of neuro-psychotropic drugs, which means they're safe to use regularly   

So now that you know what a nootropic is, what is a nootropic stack?. Many of these drugs tend to work synergistically, which means when two or more are taken together, their effects combine to create greater effect than any one nootropic would have on its own. When you combine these supplements to enhance their effects, it's called a stack. Stacks can be made up of only two supplements or can combine many different ones. Choosing the right stack depends on what you're looking to achieve. 

If you want to get started trying out a nootropic stack, there are two ways to go. The first, and simplest way to get started is with a preformulated stack. This is a stack that's been formulated, tested and manufactured by a company that has done all the research for you about which nootropics work well together. There are tons of pre-formulated stacks available for you to choose for, depending on what you'd like to achieve.

You can also create your own custom nootropic stack, but this involves a bit more work. You'll need to research what each individual supplement does, how they work together, and in what amounts you need to take them. You'll need to buy each substance individually, and, because many of them come in bulk in powder form, you'll need to carefully measure out dosages with a scale. However, a custom stack allows you the freedom to adjust dosages based on your needs.

What Elements Make Up A Powerful Nootropic Stack?

Light bulb with a brain inside of it, bright ideas and nootropics concept

Over the course of human history, people have been consuming different plants and herbs because they have a desirable effect, and many nootropics are sourced from plants. For example, Ginkgo biloba has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years and has been shown to improve memory and mental processing. And Bacopa Monnieri, historically used in Ayurvedic medicine, can speed up information processing when taken as a supplement. Sometimes, these natural nootropics take a while to start working within your body. You may have to take them for a few days or weeks for them to have the desired effects. 

In addition to these plant-based ingredients, some nootropics have been isolated or synthesized in a lab. For example, L-theanine is a compound found naturally in green tea that was isolated and is now sold as a supplement that can help to boost your creativity and reduce stress. Noopept is a lab-synthesized supplement that may speed up your memory and help regenerate brain cells. In the case of these synthetic nootropics, you can often feel their effects quickly without having to take them for days. 

Now that we know the answer to “What is a nootropic stack?”, we can answer “What makes a nootropic stack powerful?”. To build a powerful starter stack, research which of these common nootropics work well together. One of the most common starter stacks is L-theanine combined with caffeine. Caffeine increases your alertness, lessens feelings of tiredness and can increase your reaction times. Caffeine boosts your mental energy but sometimes results in a jittery feeling which can be calmed by the L-theanine. These two compounds each give each other a boost and produce excellent effects. 

Caffeine is often added to nootropic stacks because of its ability to increase your alertness and give you a boost of energy. How many of us turn to a cup of coffee to get us going in the morning? In addition, some people choose to add adaptogens to their stack as well. An adaptogen is usually a herb that has properties that improve your ability to adapt to stress and help support your energy levels. Ginseng is a common adaptogen and is usually used to support our stress response, energy levels, and immune system.

There are dozens of powerful nootropics that are proven by science to work, but how exactly they work is a little more complicated. Our brains are extremely complex, and scientists are still unsure of how some parts of our brains function. Nootropics appear to enhance some of the brain's pathways by protecting them from age-related decline, improving circulation within our brains, and helping to fuel our mitochondria, which power our brain cells. While more research needs to be done on how nootropics work, there's no doubt that they can help boost your brain function.

Building a powerful stack will take some experimentation about what substances work well together and in what doses they work. Starting with a preformulated stack is usually a good idea because it takes less research on your part, and the dosage has already been measured and tested for safety and efficiency. 

Level Up Your Life

If you're ready to start with a nootropic stack, there are a few things you should consider first to determine which stack is right for you. What do you want to achieve with a nootropic? Maybe you want to focus on improving your memory or attention span, or maybe it's most important to you to enhance your creativity. Your overall goals are going to have a big impact on which nootropic stack you choose. Take time to research each nootropic you plan to put in your body. Learn how much you may need to take, how long it takes to work, and if it has any negative side effects. For some of these substances, you need to take them for a while before you start to see effects. 

It's important to remember that more isn't always better when it comes to nootropics. Taking a large dose won't necessarily increase the desired effects, and it could end up making you feel sick. Start small and gradually increase your dosage as you learn more about how your body reacts. And always choose a high-quality stack from a reputable source. If you decide to use a preformulated stack, learn about all the ingredients included in it, and make sure the manufacturer is not using any harmful additives. 

Ontologix’s Nootropynt Formula

If you'd like to try a high-quality stack to improve your mood, enhance your cognition, keep your brain sharp, and take your mental performance to the next level, Ontologix's Nootropynt formula is a great choice. Formulated with science-backed ingredients, Nootropynt is a safe and effective way to enhance your brain function. The compounds in Nootropynt have been proven to have beneficial effects on neurotransmitter function, brain metabolism, blood flow and circulation, and in protecting cellular function. And it's easy to take, too. Nootropynt comes in a convenient capsule that is simple to work into your daily routine.

With so much going on in our lives, the desire to enhance our brain's function and get more done is understandable. And having a brain that functions at peak performance means that your memory is enhanced, your processing speed is lightening-fast, and your attention is at its best. Nootropics can help you reach peak performance and will keep you ahead of the curve in all aspects of your life. As our brains age, their capacity and response time aren't as sharp as they once were, but nootropics work to halt or even reverse some of the most common symptoms of an aging brain.  

When used as directed, nootropics are a safe and effective way to improve your productivity, protect the health of your brain, and keep you on top of your game.